The ground breaking Pelvic Floor and Core Foundation Programme

This is truly the GREATEST GIFT you can give yourself.

Enjoy 6 weeks of education and REVOLUTIONARY full body PELVIC FLOOR and CORE exercise, layered with delicious nutrition and self-care guidance, whatever life phase you’re in, this programme is designed to bring you ‘back home’ to your amazing body with your PELVIC and CORE HEALTH at the centre of our focus.

If you answer YES to any of the following then EVERYWOMAN is FOR YOU

Do you want to be able to jump, sneeze, cough, laugh or run without issue because you've built a stronger and better functioning Pelvic Floor?
Do you want to better looking and stronger tummy and realise that just doing sit ups isn't going to work?
Do you have 'lower back pain' issues and you've been told is due to a 'weak Core'?
Have you been performing your 'squeeze and lift' exercises fairly regularly but still don't have the confidence in your Pelvic Floor you think you should?
Do you have a small Diastasis Recti (Tummy Gap) after Pregnancy (no matter how long ago) that you want to heal?
Have you seen a clinician about a slight or low level Prolapse and been told to 'do your Pelvic Floor exercises' as part of your management strategy but you don't know where to start?
Do you want to learn the importance of food for not only to help you lose any excess pounds but to help you nourish your Pelvic/Core and overall health?
Are you ready to learn the importance of 'rest' and 'self-care' in your wellness journey and take an hour a week JUST FOR YOU!?
Are you ready to prioritise your health and learn ESSENTIAL exercises that will last you FOREVER?

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How does this programme get results?

For your Pelvic Floor and your entire Core to work as it was designed to, we need to re-introduce it to the rest of your body and get it to do its job in time with your breath and movement and whilst your not necessarily 'thinking' about it as well......just like it used to do before you had babies or before you reached the Menopause.

In short, those 'squeeze and lift' exercises also known as Kegels, simply aren't the whole or the end of the story when it comes to having a functional core and Pelvic Floor. They can be effective when performed well but it's an absolute fact that your Pelvic Floor and Core muscles don't exist in isolation and separate to the movements of your whole body and your breath.

EVERYWOMAN takes into account both CONSCIOUS & UNCONSCIOUS Pelvic Floor and and Core work through movement timed with your breath. It's kind of the 'belt and braces' approach and ultimately.....for many women, it's effective in as few as 6 weeks, and truly well established HABIT with improved results in 12 Weeks. It's time efficient and thousands of successful and happy women testify that IT GETS RESULTS!

Find out More about the science behind Holistic Core Restore®

How do i join everywoman?

The programme is delivered in person or online by Karen Varma from her home studio in Airport Residential, Accra. You can choose to join a group course or have the sessions truly tailored to you with one on ones. You will be guided every step of the way on YOUR JOURNEY TO AWESOME PELVIC AND CORE HEALTH AND FUNCTION!

Once you have made the payment to secure your place, you will be sent a link to complete a detailed online HCR® Pre-Screening. This helps to ensure that this safe and 'conservative' exercise-based programme is right for you and gives Karen a better idea of your individual needs and how to tailor the programme accordingly.

At or before the first class, you will also receive the key items of fitness kit required for the course and your HCR® Client Education Booklet.

There are a maximum of 5 places on each group course, so if you truly feel this programme is for you, please don't delay in getting in signing up.


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"Karen is a phenomenal coach. She puts in the time and effort to get the class going in a informative and fun way. I was consistent with the homework exercises and now I don't need to run to the loo repeatedly!"

"The course really helped to motivate me to get back into a more regular exercise routine - and to understand how to exercise in a healthy way that engages the core."

"I think every mother should go through it as part of her post baby recovery. My pelvic area feels much stronger!"

"I noticed significant improvements in my ability to control my pelvic floor."

"Not having to wake up at night to visit the toilet has been a major achievement. My sleep has also improved thanks to Karen."