Healing From Within

Hi there! I'm Karen and I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor from Newcastle (UK) currently living in Accra (Ghana). I run classes focused on helping women restore the strength and function of their core and pelvic floor after giving birth. I also offer strength & conditioning classes and Metafit HIIT sessions.
I have a daughter named Simran who is 7 and a son called Saran who is 5. Simran was an emergency C section and Saran was delivered by VBAC- so I've experienced what it's like to recover from both types of deliveries. I was fortunate to be able to remain active throughout my pregnancies doing spin classes, yoga and Cross Fit. When my son was around 3 months old, I went back to Cross Fit and discovered that I couldn't do more than 3 double under without needing to pee! It was at this point that I stopped impact training, consulted a Women's Health Physio and began studying post natal fitness as a speciality. I learned how to ENGAGE MY CORE & PELVIC FLOOR , the importance of coordinating MOVEMENT WITH BREATH and I learned how important it is to restore from within before rushing into mainstream exercise classes.
I launched Restore & Revive group classes in 2016 and since then I'm privileged to have been able to help many women. I tell my clients that I'm focused on helping restore the strength and function of your core and pelvic floor and not getting you back into your skinny jeans! I believe in a RESTORATIVE approach that REVIVES the energy and vitality in women.
I am experienced in training women looking to
*improve a Diastais Recti
*rebuild Core Strength
*strengthen their Pelvic Floor
*reduce Stress Urinary Incontinence
*return to mainstream exercise after having a baby.

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